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Euromop is a company in the IPC group. Set up in 1980, today IPC Euromop leads both Italian and international market in the design and production of professional cleaning equipment.

IPC Euromop offers a complete range of products for all areas of application: from textile line to cleaning trolleys, from dispenser to cloth and sponges line. Each product is carefully designed by a team of professionals and technicians, able to ensure continuous innovation and development of construction technologies, which has always been one of the cornerstones of IPC Euromop.

Our main strengths are:
- the ability to get into the game by offering innovative solutions;
- quality service in the pre and post-sales assistance from a commercial team highly trained;
- flexibility on order processing;
- the guarantee that the product is completely made in Italy.

IPC Euromop is constantly aimed to listen to each individual customer’s demand, interpreting and providing targeted solutions always promoting high level of quality of the product supplied. IPC Euromop is steadily present to the overall improvement of products and services because Your success is our success.