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Aware of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in controlling pathogenic factors in public places and all areas with a high throughput of people, IPC Euromop have developed a range of equipment and consumables representing a complete answer to the cleaning and sanitising needs of the hotel and catering schools and kindergartens, transport and fitness and wellness sectors. Places where it is essential cleaning and disinfecting because the sharing of spaces and things can also cause serious health problems.

Specific products for community:

- 2P trolley with tray (7009250.09)
- BRIX School trolley (CA90201.0108EU)
- Antares High System III/3 trolley (7005507.15)
- Top Evolution Mega trolley (7005091.23)
- Rail "lock & unlock" frame (7150160.0009)
- Olympic frame (4070080)