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Large surfaces

The large surfaces such as shopping centers, airports, train stations, undergrounds  are problematic areas  both for the great dimensions of the area to be cleaned and for the flow of peoples passing by. The clean  floors and windows, create a comfortable environment that invite you to stay longer and more willingly. To ensure hygiene and cleaning  in these places is essential to use professional equipment that minimizes the preparation times  and facilitates the work activities. Conscious  of these requirements IPC Euromop has created suitable solutions, as the SDS line (Smart Disinfection System) that is the unique instant mop impregnation system, fully automated and which could be easily placed in a standard cleaning trolley. With it you avoid the phases of mop preparation and reconditioning of unused saving time and protecting environment.

Specific products for large surfaces:

- BRIX Collection trolley (CA90501.0108EU)
- BRIX School trolley (CA90201.0108EU)
- Antares Security trolley (7015001.15)
- Antares I trolley (7005051.15)
- Maxi SDS trolley (7405001.15 - 7405501.15 with switch)