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Cleaning is an essential component of the hospitality culture and a fundamental element in providing a high quality service, immediately noticeable and with a strong impact on the hotel’s image and the guest satisfaction index. IPC Euromop provides a specific and complete range of cleaning products: trolleys, equipment and cloths.
The trolley Hotel Line has been designed looking for great clean look and functional efficiency combined with top of the range materials. The rigid panels and optional doors closing the trolley when not in use make it safer, tidier and more discreet, fitting in perfectly in hotel halls or corridors. The trolleys are available in Mini and Maxi versions and can be configured according to the needs of the specific hotel. They are made with top quality plastics and components to guarantee long-lasting functionality and good looks.
Wide range of accessories essential to complete each cleaning stages.

Specific products for hotel:

- BRIX Hotel Maxi trolley (CA90401.0108EU)
- BRIX Hotel Mini trolley (CA91401.0108EU)
- Maxi Hotel trolley with holder (7005041.0206)
- Maxi Hotel I trolley, Maxi Hotel II trolley, Maxi Hotel I/1 trolley with hatbox (7005041.06 - 7005042.06)
- Maxi Hotel I/1 trolley and Maxi hotel II/1 trolley with hatbox (7005041.0106 - 7005042.0106)
- Laundry trolley 200 lt. (7005021.06)