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As part of its ongoing commitment to researching and developing new cleaning solutions, IPC Euromop has designed a products range able to reduce situations representing a potential risk of infection due to the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms in areas where people may be suffering from immune system deficit.
IPC Euromop products for the health sector are genuinely innovative, as they are produced with the most advanced antibacterial treatments, able to drastically reduce the bacterial load potentially present on mops, cloths and equipment and thus limiting the spread of microorganisms in the environment.
IPC Euromop has created a system of products to limit the risk of the transmission and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms deriving from the movement of equipment between various areas:
- use of antibacterial plastic and microfibers.
- Designed to facilitate cleaning of the equipment.
- NoTouch solutions for all work situations (for example, mop heads are never touched by the cleaning operator).
- Replacement of mops and dusters for each area.
- Drawers with cover lids and nets to collect and wash cloths and mop replacements.

Specific products for health:

- Carrello HDS Maxi (7016001.59)
- Carrello HDS Security (7016051.59)
- Carrello HDS/SDS (7416001.59 - 7416501.59 with switch)
- Carrello HDS/SDS Security (7417001.59 - 7417501.59 with switch)
- Suite of innovative antibacterial products (Automatik frame, antibacterial microfiber mops replacements)
- Antibacterial Dispenser

- Carrello BRIX Healthcare (CA90101.0108EU)
- Carrello BRIX PT (CA90701.0108EU)
- Carrello BRIX HDS SDS (CA91089.0108EUA - CA91088.0108EUA with switch)
- Carrello BRIX SDS (CA91001.0159EUA - CA91002.0159EUA with switch)