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The ingenious trolley

IPC Euromop and IPC Ready System, both leaders in manual cleaning equipment, have joined forces to develop what could well be a revolution in the field of trolleys: BRIX, the "multiform" trolley.The Brix trolley is conceived as a basic, essential, indispensable and already complete element on which customers can build their own personalised trolley to suit all types of environment, no matter how varied. Brix does away with excuses. There can be no more errors due to...


Antibacterial range HDS

IPC Euromop has designed a sanitising system able to reduce situations representing a potential risk of infection due to the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms and has developed the HDS (Healthcare Disinfection Suite) a suite of innovative antibacterial products....


The security of a certification

H.A.C.C.P.(Hazard Analisys and Critical Control Points)The products in question are Antares, Antares Evolution, 3P and the line of rubbish collectorsLeo and Alileo.A range of products that, thanks to their techical features, rapresent the appropiate equipments forthe alimentary...